Lesa Noelle Art Posted: May 2016

Roomillusion customizes Wordpress, ACME Theme, and Huge Portfolio to create a blog and photo portfolio site for Lesa Noelle Art. This client is in Los Angeles, CA.

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Currently Hosted & Maintained By RoomIllusion

Upstate Daylily Society Last Build: Feb 2016 Last Update: Apr 2016

The Upstate Daylily Soceity is a Non-profit llc. Website, database, application, and Symfony framework customization were done. Includes login permission levels for public, member, and administrator. JavaScript/ECMAScript Gallery app creates localized gallery on client, removing server links and callback during use. Gallery also embeds copyright into images and scales to browser. Dynamic and responsive, for use with all devices.

For member accessibility, a vertical layout with larger print is used. No hidden menus or in-page scrolling. High contrast and color blind safe. This client is located in Greenville, SC.

Upstate Daylily Society Website Monitor View
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Surveyor Elite Website Application Surveyor Elite at Github Last Build: Dec 2012 Last Update: May 2013

Surveyor Elite Survey and Test Creator is a JavaScript/JQuery application for websites. Allows for the administering and user tracking of secure tests and surveys. Comes with CMS to create tests and surveys, options for display and built-in styles that can be changed at the click of a button, in addition to a structure only style that allow the website styles to be used.

Click-by-click tracking is saved and downloaded as a zip file/xml file. Download is free at Github.

Survey Mini View
Survey Mini View
Surveyor Elite CMS
Set Defaults in CMS

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